Monday, 4 August 2014

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Thank you for your patience, this blog is now up and running with a translator facility for readers whose language is other than English or English as a Second Language.

My blog is also mirrored at WordPress however it is without a translation facility
and a direct link to WordPress is:

I am unable to provide a direct eCommerce link which takes you directly to my publications however Lexis Nexis, will create a URL specific to each publication and this blog will be updated as soon as it is available. The current link takes you to Lexis Nexis for ease of purchase of the Hard Copy Loose Leaf Service, Books or Ebook format of publications authored by Robert Hay ( and co authors) whichever is your preference.

Please feel to browse the through the vast publications available through Lexis Nexis using the link provided.

My twitter account is:

Chambers Robert Hay Commercial Barrister Google Map Address

My clerk can be contacted via this link if you wish to retain my services for any legal matter which is within the gamut of my legal experience.

Please note that whilst I am an Australian Legal Practitioner who practices as a Barrister I am able to provide advice to companies, entities, individuals all over the world about Commercial Transactions in Australia such as Leasing, Property Law Purchases and other inquiries you may have to ensure a cohesive purchase process and or investment strategy within the Australian Jurisdiction.

The link to Australian Case Law is

This blog is Authored by Robert Hay Commercial Barrister and is subject to copyright under DMCA.

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